Spirit In Realtime

Just Published: My scifi novel, “Spirit In Realtime.”

Cover image for Spirit In Realtime, the science fiction novel by Jeffrey Lee Simons.
“Spirit In Realtime” by Jeffrey Lee Simons. Art by Marrus.

For those of you who have known me since 1995, you’ve been hearing about the science fiction novel I moved to San Diego to write.

After a very long time, repeated misses finding a publisher, one narrow escape from a bad deal, and multiple rewrites to keep the scifi fresh (when I first wrote the book, few people had cell phones!), I have finally self-published that book, now titled Spirit In Realtime. (Hey, if self-publishing’s good enough for Andy Weir’s “The Martian,” it’s good enough for me!)

I’m not normally prone to begging, but, here I go:

Please buy my book. Read my book. Tell everyone you know about my book. Buy it for your kids for the holidays… especially those of you with daughters.

You can read more about Spirit In Realtime (and find links to buy it) on the book’s website here.

And to all of you who have provided unending moral support over the years when my faith in Max’s story flagged, thank you, thank you, thank you.

By jlsimons

I'm a matchmaker and a storyteller, and while most people look at their business from within a silo I look at it from 20,000 feet up and see connections - or things that should be connected - that others miss. These days, I've focused on Social Media, and I get to work with people like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Josef Katz. In the past, I've put Spider-Man in a cereal box and the X-Men in a can of Pasta. In over a decade at Tanen Directed Advertising, I helped MasterCard do their first mailing in Taiwan and Citigroup grab a bigger share of the world than they had before. At Q.E.D. Games, we created critically acclaimed historical card games and revolutionized roleplaying games by getting rid of the dice. At Marvel, I created advergames before they were called that. I upset applecarts, color outside the lines and believe that rulebooks are for the people who come in second. My current goal is to find 3 more hours in the day and be first in line for a jack into the back of my brain. Oh, and to find a publisher for my teen cyberpunk science fiction novel, Spirit in Realtime.

Specialties: Promotional partnerships, integrated marketing, social media, strategic marketing, alternate channels, direct response, corporate marketing, copywriting, advergaming, game design and development, financial advertising

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