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“Can someone please explain…?” is dedicated to the belief that most of us do what we do for a reason that makes perfect sense to us, and the hope that if everyone else only understood that reason, our actions would seem reasonable to them.

I’ll be posting “loaded” questions designed to provoke discussion, elicit insight, and, perhaps, shed light on the reason behind the activity in question. My goal is to keep this discussion civil, though spirited, and I will accept or reject comments with this in mind.

I’ll also post any questions from you that I’d also like to see answered.

5 replies on “About this Blog”

Is there a way to add this to my LJ list? I dunno wordpress, and I don’t want to join yet ANOTHER group, but I want to see what you’re doing…

Hey Marrus:
Not that I can figure out. There are no more widgets I can add that let you do it. If you look under subscribe, there are buttons for RSS, and in mine, they give me the option to add to my google home pages, which is great because I use an igoogle home page. Maybe someone else knows how?

Done. The community has spoken, and I have listened, learned and evolved. Just click on the nifty “Subscribe to Can someone please explain…? by Email over on the right. Thank you , Marrus, and thank you, Feedburner.


I was browsing your website this morning and noticed several broken link on this page:

I was wondering whether this contact form was the best way to forward you the broken links that I came across.

And while you’re updating your page, I wondered if you’d be open to including some further career resources that could help people to find suitable job.

Best Regards
Ashlee Acevedo

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