What would the 17-year old you think of the you you are now?

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Life et al, polls

I was writing some inner monologue for Max for ” Life In The Whirlwind,” the third book of my teen cyberpunk trilogy, and she was wondering what she’d be like when she got older. Which got me thinking about how we all turn out, compared to what we dreamed we would be. (And my 6-year old daughter’s plans for her own future had nothing to do with that. Really.)

For me, it’s pretty clear. I’m happy to own my choices, even the ones that didn’t turn out the way I like. Every once in a while I read an old poem of mine and think, “That guy wouldn’t recognize this guy” but mostly because that guy didn’t understand all the issues yet. He wouldn’t disown me, he’d just figure I took a different road than I thought I would. (Can you guess which choice I picked in the poll?)

How about you? Can you please explain to me, via this poll, which allows you to enter your own responses too, what the 17-year old you would think of the you you are now?

  1. Marrus says:

    My 17 year old self would think my 40 year old self kicks ass, but my 40 year old self no longer gives a damn what the 17 year old thinks. This has become a problem for both of us.

  2. jlsimons says:

    So I’m just learning how this PollDaddy thing works, and some of you clicked the link in the email and went there, rather than here. I’m reposting your comments here:

    jill edelman – yesterday
    Got more than I expected!

    A Fan – 5 hours ago
    My 17-yr-old self would have expected me to try harder for the things I wanted. The over-way over – 40 yr. old would have known that I fought like a demon to achieve the things I needed. And would have known which mattered most.

    And now, my reply:
    Yes, Jill, but which did you settle on?
    A Fan:
    It’s amazing how our perspectives on life change over time. I think that’s what makes a song like “You can’t always get what you want” so great: that it stays relevant to us even as our relationship to it changes as we do.

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